All you need to know about our membership freezing policy

All you need to know about our membership freezing policy


We have recently made some changes to our membership freezing policy, with effect as of April 1, 2017.
The Saints Health Club will only freeze your membership if you are in good standing, i.e. you will have all initial fees paid, you are current on your monthly dues, you provide at least ten days’ notice for a freeze request to allow The Saints Health Club to process your request, and you qualify for one of the three categories below.
Our new freezing policy states as follows:
1. Freeze duration: Memberships can be suspended or frozen for personal reasons once per calendar year, at no cost for a minimum of two (2) weeks and a maximum of three (3) months.
2. Extended freeze: The Saints Health Club may approve or deny your request for an extended freeze for reasons other than those listed above. The maximum length of an extended freeze is 6 months. If the club does not receive notification to reactivate or further extend your freeze within 6 months, your membership agreement will be terminated. Additional personal freezes within the same calendar year are permitted at a cost of Kshs. 5,000 per freeze and are required to be for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of (3) three months.
3. Medical disability: You must provide The Saints Health club with verification from your physician, stating your medical disability, will prevent you from using The Saints Health Club facilities. The minimum term for a medical freeze is one month and the maximum is six months. There is no charge for a medical freeze.
4. Group freeze: Members with family or add-on memberships can choose to freeze either one (1) or all memberships associated with their account. When single membership is frozen, any additional time allocated to the membership will be divided equally among all associated memberships to ensure a consistent membership expiry date. When all associated memberships are frozen, they must be unfrozen at the same time.
5. Notice: A minimum of ten (10) days written notice and the return of membership cards and parking permits is required prior to authorizing a freeze.
6. Temporary employment transfer: You must provide the health club with verification from your employer, on company letterhead, that you are being temporarily transferred. The location of your transfer must be more than 40Kms from the club proximity to which you have access. The minimum term for a temporary employment transfer freeze is one month and the maximum freeze is six months.
7. Dues during freeze: Once the Saints Health Club approves a membership freeze no further dues will be collected with respect to such time and your right to use the gym facilities is frozen or suspended, so the club can deny you access to during such freeze. In the event your membership is prepaid, the term of the pre-paid membership shall be extended, without, further dues, for the same period of the freeze.
8. Freeze request decisions: If your request does not conform to this membership freeze policy, you will be notified that your request has been denied and your membership shall remain active unless cancelled.




1. Is anyone allowed to freeze their membership?
YES, all the membership categories are eligible for a membership freeze.

2. Can I freeze my membership for more than 3 months?
NO, you can’t, unless it is for medical reasons. In that case, you are required to provide receipt of medical evidence (i.e. A note from your doctor) to the front office when you request to freeze your membership. The maximum length of an extended freeze is 6 months.
3. I am pregnant and I want to freeze my membership.
Congratulations! If your doctor feels you are medically unable to use the club during your pregnancy, you can request for a medical freeze for up to six (6) months. You must provide a doctor’s letter at the time of requesting a pregnancy freeze. The club will waive the freeze fee for medical freezes.
4. What’s the difference between freezing and cancelling my club membership?
A freeze is appropriate when you know approximately how long you will be gone. For example, if you will be away on business for three months, or your doctor feels your injury should be healed in less than six (6) months, a freeze is the option you should choose. It is a defined amount of time without billing, or club usage, and your billing will automatically restart at the end of the freeze.


Remember, if you are requesting a medical or pregnancy freeze, we will require mandatory medical documentation as proof.
NOTE: If you have any other questions about our new freezing policy, please email us on or you can speak directly to the front office management by calling us on +254 728 050 503 or +254 728 044 422

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