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Flexibility Training FAQs

Suffer from stiff or sore muscles? Want to be able to drop down into the splits or even just limber up and prevent injuries before a workout? Read these flexibility FAQs and find out all you need to know about stretching. Q1. When is the prime time to stretch during my workout? Ideally, the best […]

Health and Fitness Trends for 2019

With so many new trends emerging on the health and fitness scene, it can be hard to keep up with them all. But here are some of the trends that we think will be worth taking note of in 2019. Ninja fitness With a focus on improving balance, strength, coordination and other aspects of functional […]

Easy Wake-Up Excercise Workout

Looking for an energising easy workout to kick-start your day? Here’s a quick, gentle exercise workout to get your body going first thing in the morning. While exercise studies have shown that vigorous exercise in the morning can compromise the immune system, gentle activity helps to wake up the brain and body, mobilising joints, activating […]

Benefits of Skipping for Fitness

It’s no coincidence that boxers, who are arguably some of the fittest athletes around, regularly perform skipping drills to help with their hand-to-eye coordination and cardiovascular fitness. So why not introduce some jump rope into your workouts and reap some of the fitness benefits listed below? Some of the fitness benefits of skipping include: •Cardiovascular […]

Exercise Tips to Improve your Posture

Many people are aware that they suffer from postural problems but often don’t know how to correct it. Here’s a guide to improving your posture through exercise. Probably the best examples of good posture are those shown by young children, whose natural activities clearly demonstrate that most of them have excellent posture. For example, think […]

What & When to eat before a Workout

Are you wondering what foods to eat before a workout? Here are some pre-workout meal and snack ideas to ensure enough fuel is available to you. When working out the body uses it carbs and fats from food for fuel. Most easily broken down, carbs are our main source of energy. It is best therefore, […]

10 Shocking Fitness Facts

How much do you really know about exercise? You may be surprised. Whether you’re a gym bunny or a new exerciser, we’ve put together some exercise facts you may not know. Here are 10 surprising fitness facts. 1. Your gym membership won’t counteract the hours spent sitting Think your fitness class or gym session makes […]

Using your own body weight to exercise

One of the cheapest and most convenient ways of strength training involves just you, a space in your own home or garden and a routine of exercises that require only your bodyweight. Why bodyweight exercise works Apart from being versatile and fun, the most attractive element of strength training that uses just your bodyweight is […]

Resistance Training for Beginners

Resistance training can be highly beneficial if done correctly. Find out about the benefits of resistance training and learn how best to do it with some example resistance training sessions. ‘Strength training’, ‘Pumping iron’, ‘hitting the weights’, and ‘bodyweight exercises’ are all common expressions that refer to what we consider forms of resistance training. But […]




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