7 Tips for running for weight loss

By Pricila Seff, Many runners start training because they want to lose weight. The good news is that, when it comes to losing weight, it’s hard to beat running — alongside a smart eating plan. After all, exercise is important, but what you put on your plate is even more so. Follow these seven simple […]

Preventing Common Running Injuries

By Rachael Schultz Ask anyone who used to be a runner why they stopped pounding the pavement and we’ll bet money their answer involves some kind of injury. Knee pain, torn tendons, even just shin splints they couldn’t shake—runners are so often nursing aches and pains. Why? Because running looks so easy. But you actually […]

Why running is good for your knees

By Amanda MacMillan If you’re a runner, then maybe you’ve worried about the long-term consequences of all that pounding on your knees. But here’s some encouraging news: According to a study from Brigham Young University, running appears to reduce inflammation in the knee joint—not increase it, as commonly believed.   In fact, the authors say, […]

Staying Safe while running

What can we do to prevent accidents and mishaps while we are hitting the streets? Make Yourself Visible If you have even the slightest bit of doubt and are wondering if people can see you, then they can’t. As winter approaches, it’s getting dark earlier and staying dark longer. So, invest in some reflective gear! […]

The kettlebell & running

By Fara Rosenzweig If you’re only logging miles and skipping the strength sessions, consider kettlebells. In other words, swing, squat and snatch your way to perform your best at your next race. Kettlebell training, an interval-style workout that uses explosive power with weight, can help you boost your running performance in as little as 30 minutes per […]

Running 101: Building Your Aerobic Base

By Jason Fitzgerald, For a half marathoner or marathoner, the “base phase” of training (also called the introductory or foundational training period) is the first phase of a training cycle. It’s what prepares runners for the more challenging, race-specific workouts that come later. And the top goal of base training is to increase endurance—or a […]

Eating for Success

By, Piyuformsh Gudka When you exercise hard for 90 minutes or more, especially if you’re doing something at high intensity that takes a lot of endurance, you need a diet that can help you perform at your peak and recover quickly afterward. These guidelines will help.   1. Load Up on Carbohydrates Carbs are an athlete’s […]

Kenyan Nutrition for Runners

Eat Like a Kenyan to Run Like a Kenyan Professional marathoner Justin Lagat of the blog shares with us how he fuels his training, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Ander Wilson of Hot & Healthy Habits shares insights on how the Kenyan running diet helps fuel great running. As Kenyan athletes, we don’t just train hard. […]




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